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Peter Kuske attackers MENTAL Conditions


William A Price Wapteks Confirmed Mental Loon Fruitcake Monster

Starbucks Coffee House Portland Oregon not only gives you coffee, but houses the Portland Pshyco Waptekker Will Price, EVERYONE With any brains could see and know what a evil mental case he is.
Mental loonies always like and hang with others of the same mental conditions.
Want to know the full list and just how mentally ill yet another of the shit of youtube gang, who are attacking Pete Kuske are, just watch listen to this self explanatory video, and how he had to get offline quick, as the white Jacket men had arrived to get him back from Starbucks, as his time had run out. And his fix of calming drugs needed to be injected.  No it was not Bath Night that is every 3rd Thursday of the month, this was Police in Portland rounding him up.

William A Price, Portland, Oregon. Self Confessed list of mental ailments include;
A Pisstrum Aspect Disorder
A Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, a lack of being able to communicate with other humans, and he likened it to having a gas tank and a box of matches !!
He has also, Suffered Brain Damage and a host of other Mental ailments.
He then admits these conditions can make him a pshyco lunatic and lead to be locked up.  He then proceeds to confess his friends problems, which again is of concern as we ALL know the David Greig - David Greg or Gregg, dependant on the wind direction, also confessed to have been a fruitcake mental obsession headcase.

Peter Kuske attackers WAPTEK MENTAL Conditions

Dignity Village - Starbucks Coffee House - Portland Oregon - Mr William A Price

Yes you could not make this stuff up on this Gang of Low Lifes..  Drugs, Scams, Mental health issues it gets worse the more you delve.

Dazza the camera man David Greig, also confirms his ailments at the end of the video, just so you see its all the reality and every day normal to this TROLL Gang..

 Dazza the camera man David Greig Ohio-Beaver-Creek-Sara-J-Christy-Pittman Chris-Lippincott-Enemy-To-Peter-Kuske Chloe-J-Storey-Seattle-Washington


Peter Kuske attackers MENTAL Conditions